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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews: A Philosophy of Madness: The Experience of Psychotic Thinking, review by Justin Garson, Hunter College/The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 7/9/2022

Weblog S.C.Hickman: The Human Security System; Kant’s Safety Net and the Escape Velocity of the ‘Dark Power of Will, Desire, and Intelligence’, 18/6/2022

Philosophical Psychology: The secrets of the madman are also secrets for the madman. Review by Arthur Sollie, 29/5/2022

The Polyphony – conversations across the medical humanities: Wouter Kusters offers reflections in the light of four reviews A Philosophy of Madness: The Experience of Psychotic Thinking, 11/2/2022


Irish Times: What’s it like to go mad? Meet the man who found out, 4/1/2021.

Mad in America: Philosophy & Madness: A Discussion with Wouter Kusters, 4/13/2021.

IAI News. Philosophy for our times: The madness of philosophers, 6/22/2021.

Psychiatric Times. Critique of Pure Madness. What can philosophy learn from madness? 8/26/2021

Webinar presentations

At the international conference ‘Too mad to be true’ in Ghent, Belgium.

How Can the Uncontainable Be Contained? Paradoxes of Madness & Philosophy?

Presentation at the Philosophy & Religion Forum, University of Southern Mississippi, “Mystics and psychotics: about the search for a religion without tradition, for a time without history”.

Video interviews

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Hermetix. The Philosophy of Madness

“In this episode we discuss his latest book The Philosophy of Madness: The Experience of Psychotic Thinking, alongside discussions on mysticism, transcendental philosophy and the line between reality and insanity.

Hermetix. Madness, Psychosis and Zero