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Hermetix. The Philosophy of Madness with Wouter Kusters.

“In this episode we discuss his latest book The Philosophy of Madness: The Experience of Psychotic Thinking, alongside discussions on mysticism, transcendental philosophy and the line between reality and insanity.


Kusters, W. (2020). Philosophy and Madness. Strange Bedfellows or an Intimate Relationship? Paper Presented at the Madness and Art Symposium in Dr.Guislain Museum, Ghent.

Kusters, W. (2019). Absolute Zero, or why is there nothing rather than something? In Beyond adaptation, beyond the negative. Phenomenological reflections on schizophrenic existence. Working papers of the ISPS.

Kusters, W. (2016). Philosophy and Madness. Radical Turns in the Natural Attitude to Life.Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology, 23: 2, pp. 129 – 146.

Kusters, W. (2014). How to Turn Madness into Art and Philosophy? Paper presented at the ASCA, UvA, October 31. (Download PDF).

Kusters, W. (2009). Plotinus, Husserl and Fine. About analytic, phenomenological and neo-platonic views on time and temporality.

Kusters, W. (2006). ‘Time Traveling: Psychosis as a Detachment of Human Time’. Paper presented at the ICPPN.

Kusters, W. (2003). Linguistic Complexity: The Influence of Social Change on Verbal Inflection. PhD Dissertation. Utrecht: LOT Dissertation Series 77.