A Philosophy of Madness – Introductory Course

Three sessions online course by the Author

The Book

In December 2020 A Philosophy of Madness. The Experience of Psychotic Thinking was published by MIT Press. In this book, philosopher and linguist Wouter Kusters examines the philosophy of psychosis—and the psychosis of philosophy. By analyzing the experience of psychosis in philosophical terms, Kusters not only emancipates the experience of the psychotic from medical classification, he also emancipates the philosopher from the narrowness of textbooks and academia, allowing philosophers to engage in real-life praxis, philosophy in vivo. Kusters draws on his own experience of madness—two episodes of psychosis, twenty years apart—as well as numerous other first-person narratives of psychosis. Kusters evokes the mad person’s philosophical or existential amazement at reality, thinking, time, and space, and leads the reader through a jungle where philosophy and madness are hardly discernable.

The Course

In this course the author leads the reader through the jungle of the book. In three weeks the participants will get a deeper understanding of the philosophy of madness – and the madness of philosophy. Each course week starts with a short video presentation by the author, and instructions on how to read selected fragments from the book. At the end of each week the course material is further explained by the author, and discussed with the participants in two hour plenary sessions. Participants are also provided with the opportunity of conversation and feedback at the end of the three weeks course.

Practical Info

Online sessions (Zoom) are on January, 8, 15, 22, 14:00 – 16:00 (EST), and on request.

Price: 200 euro. Payment: -webshop-

Conditions for participation. Participations are expected to purchase the book, and have either professionally or privately an interest in philosophy and psychosis.

More info: wouterkusters@gmail.com

Language: English

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