Introductory course

In this online course the author guides the reader through the content of the book. With help of live online sessions the participant(s) will get a deeper understanding of the philosophy of madness – and the madness of philosophy.

Depending on the wishes of the participant(s), fragments from the book and secondary (video) material will be selected to study, and discussed in the online sessions.

This course can be followed in group or privately. In group there will be three two-hour online live sessions. Private courses have two one-hour online live session.

Course videos are here (more to follow).

Price: 200 euro. For registration and payment, click here, or pay directly via bank account (email me for specifics).

Participants are expected to purchase the book, and have an interest in both philosophy and psychosis.

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Please note: due to the climate crisis I only accept live invitations from Europe, from destinations that are within reasonable reach by train. Requests from other continents are only considered when it concerns online events.